MWR Leadership Award


The MWR Leadership Award was established by the IMCEA Board of Directors in 1992 to formally recognize senior officials (service level or higher) who consistently demonstrate exceptional leadership skills and who make particularly significant contributions to the betterment of military MWR/Services programs.

Award recipients must display courage of conviction, teamwork, innovation, creativity, and genuine caring for the programs designed to improve the quality of life for uniformed service personnel and their families worldwide.


Previous winners of the MWR Leadership Award:

  • Carol Potter, US Marine Corps, 2015
  • Rear Admiral David R. Callahan, US Coast Guard, 2014
  • Captain Robert McKenna, Commanding Officer, US Coast Guard Community Services Command, 2013
  • Michael Kelly, CMCE, OSD, 2012
  • Edward Eng, US Coast Guard, 2011
  • Jerry Thornton, Military Club and Hospitality Magazine, 2010
  • John Baker, US Navy, 2008
  • B Gen Michael P. Downs (Retired), US Marine Corps, 2007
  • Tom McFadden, US Navy CNIC, 2006
  • Stephen Pauli, CMCE, US. Marine Corps, 2005
  • Gary Scheer, CMCE, U.S. Coast Guard MWR, 2004
  • Colonel Ivan D. “Doug” Sobin, 2003
  • Peter F. Isaacs, US Army CFSC Chief Operating Officer, 2002
  • Michael Tharrington, U.S. Army Retired, 2001
  • Murry Greenwald, 2000
  • Gene Silvers, US Air Force Services, 1999
  • Arthur J. Myers, Director, US Air Force Services, 1998
  • The Honorable Fred F.Y. Pang, Assistant Secretary of Defense, FMP, 1997
  • James R. Joy, Brigadier General, US Marine Corps Retired, 1996
  • George Schaefer, 1995
  • James C. Pennington, Major General, US Army Retired, 1994
  • Williston B. Cofer, Professional Staffer, US House of Representatives, 1993
  • R. Dean Tice, Lieutenant General, US Army Retired, 1992


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