The Benefits of an IMCEA Chapter

A Platform for Networking

Tap into IMCEA's network of worldwide MWR/Services Professionals. Chapter membership puts members in contact with other MWR/Services professionals in their area. They will have the opportunity to participate in social events, business meetings and educational seminars with other professionals who understand their concerns. Members gain access to other members' experiences and knowledge, with the chance to broaden their own insights. A Chapter membership means local members are part of a tremendous worldwide network!

Professional Development

Chapter meetings and activities allow members to expand their knowledge in the MWR/Services field. IMCEA Chapters teach management skills and keep members informed on the latest new products and trends. Chapters bring continuous education opportunities closer to home and provide a bridge between IMCEA conferences.

Educational Conferences

In today's busy society, everyone knows it is harder than ever to keep up with the latest issues. One way members can have regular access to the latest information, and build their professional network at the same time, is by attending IMCEA's conferences and expos, and local Chapter events. Each year IMCEA holds a conference to offer training, networking, and an opportunity to recognize the best in the industry. In addition, IMCEA partners with Catersource for a catering and special event conference that is full of training and networking opportunities. IMCEA also holds regional training and seminars throughout the year.

Exchange of Services and Contributing to IMCEA as an Organization

The Local Chapters will give members the possibility to exchange both professional experiences and services. It will also act as a greenhouse for new ideas that can be implemented globally by the Association, and provide IMCEA with potential to grow.

With 10 IMCEA Members, you can form an IMCEA Chapter in your area:

  • Contact the IMCEA Headquarters with your intent to start a Chapter
  • Create a Formation Committee to prepare for the Constituting Meeting
  • Hold a Constituting Meeting to sign all forms and attract new members
  • Submit your signed Petition to Form a Local Chapter, Original Chapter Constitution and Bylaws, Original Chapter Affiliation Agreement, Original Chapter Membership Applications, and Copies of the Minutes of the Constituting meeting to IMCEA Headquarters

Download the complete Chapter Formation Guide  or only the forms you feel you will need:


Ask Local Members For Interest in Forming a Local Chapter


Petition to Form a Local Chapter


Model Chapter Constitution and Bylaws


Chapter Affiliation Agreement


Chapter Membership Application

If you experience difficulty downloading these documents please contact [email protected] for assistance. 


Visit our current IMCEA Chapters:

The San Antonio Greater Metropolitan Area Chapter

The Kanto Plains Chapter

Hawaii Chapter



    14080 Nacogdoches Road, #329
    San Antonio, Texas 78247-1944

    Phone: (940) 463-5145
    Email: [email protected]
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