Certified Military Community Executive (CMCE)

If you’ve made the commitment to make military MWR/Services your career, consider obtaining your CMCE certification.

IMCEA is happy to announce the recent revision of the CMCE Study Guide and CMCE exam.

Dear IMCEA Member,

Greetings and congratulations on taking this important step in your career progression! Becoming a Certified Military Community Executive is a testament to your dedication and professionalism. This guide will help prepare you for the final exam, and is not intended to be a course as such. It is a reminder of those areas that most managers will have already learned through experience…but in enough detail to bring a manager up to speed in areas which might be weak. We hope you will find the contents rigorous, but the style easy to understand and enjoyable to read.

Best Regards,

Jara Allen

IMCEA Executive Director (2012-2014)

Certification Program
The Certified Military Community Executive (CMCE) Program is a mark of distinction and achievement recognizing excellence at the highest levels of job knowledge and leadership in military MWR/Services. Those who pass the exam receive the honor of placing the CMCE initials after their name.
The CMCE Certification Program is the only military Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) certification program that is nationally registered by the National Certification Commission.

The Steps to Certification
The IMCEA Professional Member must submit the completed CMCE application form with all attachments and $50 processing fee to the IMCEA National Office. The IMCEA Certification Committee will evaluate the Petition for appropriate education, job experience and IMCEA Association credit points. The IMCEA Certification Committee will notify the petitioner of eligibility or ineligibility for the written certification examination.

If the petitioner is recognized as qualified for the certification examination, the petitioner will be invited to download the CMCE Study Guide and join in the next Review before the examination. If the petitioner does not qualify for the written examination, the petitioner will be notified by the IMCEA National Office and encouraged to resubmit the Petition for CMCE Recognition after one year. Written examination is administered only to petitioners who are recognized as qualified to take the CMCE Exam. To attain the CMCE designation, petitioners must accumulate an established number of education and job experience points, as well as achieve a minimum passing score on a comprehensive written examination. To find out more about the eligibility and points requirements to take the exam, download the entire Steps to CMCE Certification. Once you are comfortable that you have the credit points required, download the CMCE Application.

Re-Certification Program
To remain certified as a CMCE, designees must re-certify every three years. Re-certification is accomplished through accumulation of 20 additional points since the original certification, or since the last re-certification.

CMCE Revocation
The CMCE designation may be revoked in the event a CMCE does not accumulate the required 20 points unless extenuating circumstances exist and the deficiency can be readily overcome. To re-certify, download the Petition for CMCE Recertification.