Code of Ethics

We believe that professional management of Morale, Welfare and Recreation facilities in the military is essential and that the International Military Community Executives’ Association represents these interests, and as members thereof, subscribe to the following code of ethics:

We will maintain high personal standards of conduct and moral character in our relationship with MWR/Services facilities, its patrons, and industry in a manner to bring credit and honor to the MWR/Services profession.

We will support the Association’s goals and objectives.

We will promote public interest by acceptance of the basic responsibilities delegated to our position by directives and preserve sound business practices in the operation of our MWR/Services activities through the best possible and efficient use of facilities, personnel, resources, and services, and try to make them and the local community a better one in which to live by personal involvement.

We will consistently promote the MWR/Services profession as a vocation and strive to elevate the image of MWR/Services personnel through our actions and our integrity by refraining from participating in any activity with private industry which would result in becoming obligated to that industry.

We will strive to further the knowledge, education, competence, and training of ourselves and those whom we manage and share our experience with other MWR/Services professionals.

We will sponsor meaningful, understanding and impartial cooperation between the military MWR/Services professional and industry, beneficial to the association and public interests.

We will further the welfare and advancement of our profession by participation in the activities of our professional association, encourage the development of those who enter the profession, and encourage coordination of operations with other MWR/Services professionals.

We will be loyal to our military organization by providing the full benefit of an objective professional opinion unaffected by other commitments and place the well being and satisfaction of our MWR/Services patrons on the highest priorities.