Constitution and Bylaws

International Military Community Executives’ Association
December 2012

Article I


The name of the Association shall be: “International Military Community Executives’ Association, Incorporated.”

Article II


The mission of the International Military Community Executives Association is to assist the individual Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) programs and their managers in developing techniques and management skills necessary to assure an outstanding military MWR system.

1. Education – Assist in improving the educational climate for MWR program managers and expand educational opportunities for its members by promoting and/or sponsoring educational programs and activities.

2. Communication – Act as the conduit for passing of necessary information among the MWR programs of the military Services, their respective headquarters, the Departments of the Military Services, trading partners, and professional organizations to facilitate the understanding of the missions of MWR as a vital, non-pay compensation benefit for the military member, his/her family and other eligible patrons..

3. Cooperation – Encourage inter-service cooperation and a pooling of knowledge and efforts on area, regional, national, and international levels. Maintain close coordination with the Services Headquarters Staffs and the Congressional committees that impact MWR.

4. Recruitment – Participate in the active recruitment of professionals with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary in delivering MWR programs.

5. Retention – Assist in the retention of MWR executives in the profession by improving the climate and conditions under which they must operate.

To read more, please download the entire IMCEA Constitution and Bylaws file here.