IMCEA Awards

The IMCEA Awards Program is designed to recognize IMCEA members who distinguish themselves among their peers through demonstrated leadership,outstanding conduct, exceptional contributions and excellence in military MWR/Services operations.

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Each year, IMCEA offers the following awards:

The Irving Rubenstein Memorial Award recognizes one MWR/Services professional from each of the five branches of the Armed Forces who has been in an MWR/Services management position for less than two years. Winners of the Irving Rubenstein Memorial Award display exceptional management skill and leadership, achieve particularly outstanding performance results in their respective programs, and possess great potential for continued success in military MWR/Services. The award provides an incentive for young managers to aspire to great achievement in military MWR/Services early in their careers.

Congratulations to the 2020 IMCEA Irving Rubenstein Memorial Award recipients:

US Army – Yanelle Gavina, Business Manager, Frontier Club, White Sands Missile Range

US Coast Guard – CWO4 (F&S) Chris Hedrick, D8 MWR Regional Director, USCG Base New Orleans

US Marine Corps – Timothy C. Micklada, Assistant Fitness Director, MCCS Iwakuni



The Roy C. Olson Award In honor of Roy Olson, who passed away in 1988, the IMCEA Board of Directors developed The Roy C. Olson Memorial Award to recognize the MWR/Services professional who best exemplifies the high quality of standards of leadership and skill in MWR/Services management set by Roy Olson while serving in the Marine Corps and as a Navy Club Manager.

Awardees are chosen for their outstanding contributions to military MWR/Services, as demonstrated by their leadership, professionalism, dedication, innovation, and caring.

Congratulations to the 2020 Roy C. Olson Memorial Award recipient:

Valentin Semenov, Business Manager (Food Service), Fort Shafter Bowling Center

The MWR Leadership Award was established by the IMCEA Board of Directors in 1992 to formally recognizes senior officials (service level or higher) who consistently demonstrate exceptional leadership skills and who make particularly significant contributions to the betterment of military MWR/Services programs. Award recipients must display courage of conviction, teamwork, innovation, creativity, and genuine caring for the programs designed to improve the quality of life for uniformed service personnel and their families worldwide.

The Associate Council Achievement Award Established in 1980, this award recognizes IMCEA Associate Members for exceptional and outstanding support of IMCEA and military MWR/Services programs. Awardees must display consistently outstanding support of IMCEA activities and programs while providing unparalleled support of military MWR/Services programs through initiatives such as information sharing, sponsorship, and innovation within their respective industry.

The Frederick J. McKenney Lifetime Spirit Award In honor of Frederick J. McKenney, who passed away in 2014, the IMCEA Board of Directors developed the Frederick J. McKenney Lifetime Spirit Award. This annual award recognizes hospitality or recreation professionals who have overcome personal or professional adversity and/or challenges while achieving success in their respective field supporting the Department of Defense and the Military Services’ Morale Welfare, and Recreational (MWR) Programs over the course of their career.

Awardees are chosen for their determination to survive adversity that strengthened their sense of resiliency while continuing to deliver outstanding service to the installation’s community. These individuals demonstrate their ability to take it to the next level with demonstrated perseverance in the field of MWR.

Congratulations to the 2020 Frederick J. McKenney Lifetime Spirit Award recipient:

Amanda M. Pozzi, Guest Lodging Manager, Tracen Petaluma, USCG

The IMCEA and Paul Reece Founders Award was established in January 2006 after the death of one of IMCEA’s Founders, Paul Reece. It celebrates those who are instrumental in establishing and developing active chapters, those that are responsible for membership recruitment in large numbers that help to keep the organization strong, and other such achievements that directly relate to the growth and sustainment of IMCEA.

The IMCEA Hall of Fame Award– Induction into the IMCEA Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed on an IMCEA member. Each year, the IMCEA Board of Directors selects one IMCEA member for induction into the Hall of Fame from nominations submitted by the General Membership.

IMCEA Hall of Fame inductees achieve major success within the military MWR/Services profession through consistent exemplary leadership, innovation and creativity, dedication, caring, and resourcefulness. They possess and actively practice the highest personal and professional values, and serve as examples for others to follow. IMCEA Hall of Fame inductees are proven leaders in their field. Their contributions to uniformed service personnel and their families worldwide, and to IMCEA are unmatched by their peers.

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