IMCEA Chapters Information

IMCEA is a professional organization comprised of a national headquarters, Chapters, and individual members located at U.S. military installations around the world. 

Each Chapter, as an integral part of the Association, is established by authority of the Board of Directors to provide members the maximum benefits, opportunities, and services offered by the Association.

It is IMCEA policy to encourage the formation of new chapters when it is in the best interest of the Association and the members of the new chapter.

The primary purposes for IMCEA chapters are:

  • To promote interest in and extend the benefits of membership in IMCEA within its geographic area
  • To provide geographic representation to the International Military Community Executives Association
  • To provide opportunities for local training and professional development
  • To foster open communication and encourage the free interchange of ideas
  • To encourage the development of new ideas and programs for IMCEA members
  • To recruit and retain qualified professionals for the MWR/Services profession

Current IMCEA Chapters are:
The IMCEA Hawaii Chapter

For information contact John Nishida

Click here for information on forming an IMCEA Chapter in your area