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Ecolab Overview

Ecolab is the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services. Every day, we help make the world cleaner, safer and healthier – protecting people and vital resources.


  • Warewashing
  • Food and Employee Safety
  • Hand Hygeine/Pest Elimination
  • Ecolab Equipment Care

Ecolab Purpose and Values

The Ecolab Service Advantage:

Experience the Ecolab difference. As your trusted partner, we provide a unique combination of world-class service, total impact solutions and unsurpassed industry expertise around the world, locally delivered.

For more information about these products, please contact:         
Alex Moncada
Cell: 214-878-9946
Phone: (800) 352-5326
Fax: (651) 293-2682
GSA Contract # GS-07F-0057M
Air Force NPA # F41999-07-D-6034

Ecolab World-Class Service


Ecolab’s warewashing solutions help you provide spotless dishware, glassware and silverware, making a positive impact on your guests and keep them coming back.

  • Apex Warewashing Program
  • Dishmachine Lease Program
  • Solids Warewashing Program
  • Warewashing Equipment

APEX2: High Performance Products

Food and Employee Safety

Ecolab is your partner to provide consumers with safe food – and the confidence to eat and drink anything, anywhere. We also have products and programs to keep you and your employees safe.

 Food Safety Webinars:

Our free web presentations feature food industry, academic, regulatory and culinary experts presenting topics surrounding the diverse aspects of food safety. To register for upcoming webinars click here.

Antimicrobial Fruit and Veggie Treatment

Water alone does not kill pathogens. Ecolab’s Antimicrobial Fruit & Vegetable Treatment works in just 90 seconds with no rinse required. Cleared by both the EPA and FDA, it is effective on both whole and further processed produce, cleans off waxes and residues, and reduces spoilage organisms in wash water.

Food Safety Specialities

All foods – no matter where or how they are produced – need to be handled, prepared and stored properly to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms that can cause illness. Ecolab Food Safety Specialties has multiple offerings to keep your operation safe in the following areas:

  • Food Prep
    – Labels

     – Cross-contamination prevention

      – Time and temperature control

  • Cleaning Products Employee Safety


Antimicrobial Fruit and Vegetable Treatment Demonstration

Wash ‘N Walk No-Rinse Floor Cleaner

Wash ‘n Walk is the most effective cleaning solution geared to break down dangerous grease build up. Our patented, enzyme-based formula attacks and eliminates “grease banks” that cause slipping. Wash ‘n Walk’s no rinse floor cleaner provides safety and sustainability in one simple solution.

Hand Hygeine

At Ecolab, we’ve developed a hand hygiene system that combines bacteria-killing chemistry with technology and training – making your hand cleaning habits safe, simple and efficient. With Ecolab’s Hand Hygiene System, you get efficiency, innovation and sustainability in one sleek, but adaptable dispenser.

Nexa Dispensing System

Other Divisions

Pest Elimination

Protecting your reputation is critical to your success. Cockroaches, rats, mice, bed bugs, flies, ants and other pests found in or traced back to your facility can cause severe damage to your reputation. We partner with you to eliminate the pests, not just control them. And, we provide the insights you need to help identify risks before they happen. With Ecolab you can be confident you’re protected from pest related risk.

Ecolab Equipment Care

Ecolab Equipment Care provides 24/7 service and parts for commercial cooking, refrigeration, warewashing, and other specialty foodservice equipment. We have the single-point solution for all your commercial kitchen equipment maintenance & repair needs. As a dedicated business partner, we strive to deliver same day commercial kitchen repairs, comprehensive service solutions and parts on-demand for all major OEM kitchen equipment brands.

Additional Training Material

GHS Sell Sheet

For more information about these products, please contact:
Alex Moncada
Cell: 214-878-9946
Phone: (800) 352-5326
Fax: (651) 293-2682

GSA Contract # GS-07F-0057M

Air Force NPA # F41999-07-D-6034

Pest Elimination