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Cargill Foodservice - North America


6473 S. Telluride St.
Aurora, CO 80016




Joel Stevenson
Enterprise Corporate Account Leader Military
Phone: (720) 231-4469 
Fax: (720)870-1390
[email protected]



Cargill produces a wide range of food products including: Sunny Fresh Eggs, Excel Beef & Pork, Harvest Provisions Deli Meats, TNT ground beef patties, Diamond Crystal Salt, Fontina Foods Fresco salad dressings and pestos, Honey Suckle White Turkey, Crisco Professional and Clear Valley Cooking Oils, and Truvia - our zero calorie all natural sweetener.


JTM Food Group

200 Sales Drive

Harrison, OH 45030



Diana Dupont

Sr. Director of Military Sales
Phone: (513) 367-4900 ext. 124
Direct: (513) 503-6081
Fax: (513) 367-3519
[email protected]
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TM Food Group proudly develops menu solutions for our armed forces.

From sauces and soups, to pasta meals and fully-cooked meats, we remain committed to providing great tasting, quality meals every batch, every time.

Kraft Foodservice


601 Ivanhoe Court
Chesapeake, VA 23322




Joe Kruszewski
Phone: (757) 410-4201
Direct: (847) 924-2451
Fax: (757) 609-3350
[email protected]




Michael Foods, Inc.


20719 Prince Ranier Place
Leesburg, FL 34748



John Padula

Director Military Sales
Phone: (325) 205-3250 
Fax: (952) 258-4142
[email protected]


 IMCEA Silver Sponsor

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Michael Foods is a deep, diversified processor with an extensive line of value-added egg and potato products.
We process more eggs than any supplier in the world.
No one is better equipped to offer you true innovation, consistent quality, seamless service and long-term cost effectiveness than Michael Foods.







Nestlé Food Services


607 William Street
Suite 205
Fredericksburg, VA 22401 




Chris Gallivan
Phone: (540) 371-8656
Fax: (540) 373-0983
[email protected]





Nestlé Food Services Professional offers quality culinary and beverage products with great taste, consistency, and convenience.
Our brands bring you the peace of mind and confidence you need to focus on what matters most in your operation, delivering profitable food and beverages to your guests that keep them coming back for more!


PepsiCo Foodservice

2706 E. 28th Court
Davenport, IA 52803


Tim Berchtold
CONUS Sales Manager

Phone: (563) 355-1033
Fax: (563) 359-1691
[email protected]





PepsiCo's portfolio of top performing brands: fountain line up including Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist with the best non-carbonated beverage portfolio including Aquafina, SoBe and Frappuccino. Frito Lay snacks and healthy breakfast solutions from Quaker and Tropicana, and the rehydrating power of Gatorade.


Rose Packing Company

65 South Barrington Road
Barrington, IL 60010


Nick Ledanski
Toll Free: (800) 323-7363
Fax: (847) 381-9436
[email protected]



IMCEA Strategic Partner

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From flavorful breakfast sausages to savory dinner roasts, Rose Packing delivers pork products unmatched in quality, versatility, value and convenience.
Fully cooked and RICH IN PROTEIN, our lean and tender, heat-and-serve meats satisfy the biggest appetites and offer a delicious taste of home.

Serve our men and women in uniform the very best.
Serve them Rose Packing products.




Unilever Food Solutions

195 Fox Grape Lane
Alpharetta, GA 30022


Joe Renta
Military Sales Manager
Phone: (678) 360-2981
[email protected]

Unilever Food Solutions supplies branded products known the world over.
Hellmann's Mayonnaise/Dressings, Promise/Country Crock Margarines, Lipton Tea, Knorr Soups/Sauces/Gravies and Bases bring the quality of home to those who serve.

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