Roy C. Olson Award

In honor of Roy Olson, who passed away in 1988, the IMCEA Board of Directors developed The Roy C. Olson Memorial Award to recognize the MWR/Services professional who best exemplifies the high quality of standards of leadership and skill in MWR/Services management set by Roy Olson while serving in the Marine Corps and as a Navy Club Manager.

Awardees are chosen for their outstanding contributions to military MWR/Services, as demonstrated by their leadership, professionalism, dedication, innovation, and caring.

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Previous winners of the Roy C. Olson Memorial Award include:


  • Lynn Colville, US Marine Corps, 2015
  • Avis Linnins, US Coast Guard, 2012
  • Don Figueira, CMCE, US Marine Corp, 2011
  • David Casteel, US Coast Guard, 2010
  • Jeffery David Wapner, US. Coast Guard, 2009
  • John S. Earles, US Coast Guard, 2008
  • CWO2 Christopher A. Doherty, US Coast Guard, 2007
  • John Nishida, US Marine Corps, 2006
  • Richard Michels, CMCE, US Air Force, 2005
  • Fred Fried, CMCE, US Air Force, 2004
  • Yoshiji “Eddie” Ohsawa, US Air Force, 2003
  • Larry Moore, US Air Force, 2002
  • Paula Springer, CMCE, US Coast Guard, 2001
  • Donald C. Rojas, US Army, 2000
  • Steave L. Barness, CMCE, US Army, 1999
  • William G. Ginac, CMCE, US Army, 1998
  • Barbara Montoya, CMCE, US Army, 1997
  • Jimmie Jenkins, CMCE, US Army, 1996
  • Donald R. Carter, US Air Force, 1995
  • William Uhde, CMCE, US Air Force, 1994
  • Kay Biery, US Navy, 1993
  • William “Lee” Hicks, CMCE, US Army, 1992
  • David Snyder, US Army, 1991
  • Lou Legarie, US Air Force, 1990
  • Frank Mangone, US Air Force, 1989