The IMCEA and Paul Reece Founders Award

The IMCEA and Paul Reece Founders Award was established in January 2006 after the death of one of IMCEA’s Founders, Paul Reece.

The recipients of this award are those who are instrumental in establishing and developing active chapters, those that are responsible for membership recruitment in large numbers that help to keep the organization strong, and other such achievements that directly relate to the growth and sustainment of IMCEA.

Previous recipients of The IMCEA and Paul Reece Founders Award are:

  • Don Figueira, 2016
  • Eldon Doi, CMCE, 2015
  • John Nishida, CMCE, 2012
  • Richard Winland, CMCE 2011
  • Donald Booth, CMCE, 2010 (Donald Booth was one of the founders of IMCEA. He was also the 1st President of IMCEA, and the only President to serve 2 terms.)
  • Steve L Barness, CMCE 2009
  • Mike Miller, CMCE, 2008
  • William Ginac, CMCE, 2007
  • Richard Milano, CMCE, 2006

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